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The singer of time

The Legend of the singer of time goes like this.

A long time ago in a beautiful palace a young man stood alone. He had no people and he had no family it was just him in the lonesome place. Fearing that he would go insane he asked the mighty gods for help to relive his loneliness but they stated to him that it was not allowed.

"You are fine as you are," They said. "You don't need a companion."

Turning his back on the loyal gods he turned to the devil himself.

"I shall make your wish come true." The devil stated.

His wish was granted and he was given the power to create, destroy life, and time with a song from his lips. He created his family and his people that he governed. He was happy for once in his life. Soon though, the devil grew weary for the young man had not paid his price yet for the gift. The devil returned to the man to get what payment he needed.

"I will take your sanity and that will be your eternal curse,"

And the devil left like that. The young man lost his sanity and destroyed everything with the gift of the devil. After he took his own life with his lost sanity but his curse didn't end there. Every time the singer would die he/she would be reincarnated into a new life. And the life given the singer then would take causing destruction.

The singer of time is said to be one of the most feared person in the world because of this legend.

Many centuries pass and the singer is then reincarnated into a new body with memories of its past. The singer, whether it be man or woman or child or creature, is treated like filth for the evil doings that was done. In History the singer has only brought destruction to all.

Centuries have passed and the singer was found in a small village. Aurora is her name. A twelve year old girl holds the power to govern life in anyway shape or form and to control time itself.

Without knowledge of her past, what was to become of this girl?
The singer is said to only bring destruction but is that really true?

A twelve year old girl caught in a change that others could only be drawn into. A life taken. A life spared. Will anything turn out with right with those drawn into this mess?
So this is the prologue of my story. Title I don't really like but It works. Enjoy. not all OC's are up on DA just so you know I will work on a cover of all the Main OC's for it later.
Oc's in story:
Cephe Faelan
Myll Faelan
Kylea (Era) Aris
Lukis Faelan
Alice Faelan
Luke (Lukis) Ma Hizrad

Here's the next part!:

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September 29, 2011
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